Golden ferries

The Cheka-OGPU continues to talk about one very interesting criminal case that has gathered dust in the Investigative Committee, from which high-ranking patrons in the person of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Deputy Minister Ruslan Tsalikov got Timur Ivanov off. We are talking about the case of the theft of money from the Interkommerts Bank, in which it was established that Ivanov was in collusion with the fugitive chairman of the bank’s board, Alexander Bugaevsky. First, they circumvented international sanctions “in the interests of the country,” and then withdrew almost 2 billion rubles from the bank, dissolving them through Timur Ivanov’s companies. Now it turns out that the sanctions were extremely beneficial for Ivanov. And not only for him. The family of former Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces Alexander Lentsov also participated in the business with government funds.

Александр Ленцов

The events begin in the first half of 2015. After the annexation of Crimea, international sanctions fell on the Russian Federation. As a result, the Ministry of Defense was unable to purchase the necessary ships for crossing the Kerch Strait. Timur Ivanov was assigned to resolve the issue. Since no one gave money in advance for the project, the general director of Oboronstroy JSC applied for a loan to the chairman of the board of Interkommerts Bank, Alexander Bugaevsky. Timur Ivanov arrived personally for negotiations with the bank’s management in the company of his deputy Larisa Levina.

Even then, Alexander Bugaevsky introduced the guest to his colleagues as a high-ranking official who could not be refused, since most of the subsidiaries of Oboronstroy, which acted in the interests of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, are under his control and keep large sums on deposits and accounts in the bank. And most importantly, based on the testimony, this was also voiced publicly; the request to assist in the purchase of ships came from Deputy Minister of Defense Ruslan Tsalikov, whose confidant is Timur Ivanov.

At the direction of Timur Ivanov, the general director joined the already listed officials and bankers and was appointed executive

Oboronlogistics LLC Anton Filatov. The purchase, delivery and operation of ferries under the flag of the Russian Federation (at the Kerch ferry) was on it.

The diagram looked like this. Alexander Bugaevsky found among the clients of Interkommerts a company whose management, in exchange for future victories in tenders of the Ministry of Defense, agreed to participate in a deal to purchase ships. The company was provided with a targeted loan for the purchase of goods in the interests of JSC “1470 Logistics and Technical Support Department”. The general director of the latter company was Anton Filatov, who subsequently organized the tender and ensured the victory of the participating company.

Alexander Bugaevsky organized the acquisition of a “clean” company registered in Hong Kong.

The transaction amount was 800 million rubles, and all obstacles (questions from the Central Bank, the Federal Tax Service) were cleared out of the way by a call from Ruslan Tsalikov.

As a result, the company found by Alexander Bugaevsky received a loan from Interkommerts. The money was transferred through two payment companies. Both “gaskets” were controlled by the then chairman of the board of directors, Andrei Maysyuk.

In the summer of 2015, the Lavrentiy and Maria ferries, purchased by Oboronlogistics LLC, appeared on the Kerch ferry crossing, or rather on the cargo ferry line. However, according to, declared as “for the benefit of the Russian Federation,” in reality it was a purely commercial project. The operation of the ferries was entrusted to certain Andrianov brothers: Evgeniy and Andrey, who previously worked at the Expo-M company, as well as a certain Ruslan Kerimov from the same company. Although Oboronlogistics itself could operate the above-mentioned ferries without any problems, having everything necessary, the ferries were transferred to the bareboat charter of Smart Way LLC — in fact, an unnecessary lining through which funds were withdrawn.

Павел Йено

The ferries were forwarded by Crimean Transport and Logistics Company LLC, which actually belongs to the famous Kerch fraudster, and now acting. Deputy Governor of Sevastopol Pavel Jeno — this company was registered in the name of Jeno’s friend in the motorcycle club — Denis Obukhov. Later, it was bankrupt due to the debt of Smart Way LLC in the amount of about 46 million rubles (the money was withdrawn by Pavel Jeno for his own needs).

After finishing work at the ferry crossing, the above-mentioned persons began to engage in bunkering activities using the Miranda bunkering vessel, which was repeatedly brought to justice by the authorities for illegal operations with fuel.

Also at that time, a certain Evgeny Petchenko, a well-known swindler-forwarder in Novorossiysk, was essentially a black casher, engaged in illegal currency transactions related to the withdrawal of funds abroad, who was later noticed in operations for the supply of goods, including fuel, to the Ministry of Defense at inflated prices, together with the son of General Lentsov: Alexander, also from Oboronlogistics LLC. The way Petchenko is recorded in the phones of friends, department Linen theme: “Evgeny from Lentsov”; "Evgeniy Genzakaz Defense"; "Eugene dangerous goods"; "Zhenya from the FSB".

Timofey Grishin

To be continued